HR & Payroll Management

The Payroll Module in HR WORKS handles most of the complicated scenarios very effectively, pertaining to backdated leave adjustments and salary revisions, post payroll employee joins and final settlement, salary hold and release, etc., thereby eliminating any MS Excel assistance for Payroll processing. It is seamlessly linked and integrated with leave records, time attendance and time sheet.

The payroll outputs include Pay Register, Salary Register, Payslips, Payroll Reconciliation, Salary Audit Report and Bank Transfer File / Letter. Statutory requirements and legal compliance of various countries handled in the system includes Gratuity, Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, PAYE Tax, GOSI, Provident/Pension Fund, NHIF, NSSF, WPS, etc., in terms of employer provisions/contributions, employee deductions and availments. In addition to monthly payroll processing, the module also covers for Leave Settlement, Final Settlement and Off Cycle payrolls.


Key Features

  • Loan Processing
  • Salary Revision
  • End of Service
  • Accrual Management
  • Time & Attendance (plug in)
  • Timesheet/Overtime
  • Payroll Processing
  • Integration with ERP
  • Adhoc Earning/Deduction
  • Suspension/Reinstating
  • Leave Management
  • Leave Settlement
  • Air Ticket Availment
  • Final Settlement
  • Leave Encashment
  • Leave Return
  • Gratuity/Pension

Personal Module

The all new powerful U2 provides for Unlimited User-defined fields, thereby allowing to create unlimited Employee Profile in HR WORKS without any limits, and achieve the near-impossible target of digitizing employee information – 100%’. The Dynamic Reporting allows report to be immediately available in the system for any information maintained for the employee. HR WORKS allows configuring Email Alerts/ Notification on document expiry and any other date field in the system. The field-wise access rights in Employee Profile provides for giving different view/ access for different level of users in the organization, from employee to payroll user to super admin. The Self-Service portal allows employee requests for updating or adding any of their information into Employee Profile.


Employee Self Service

A sophisticated, yet flexible add-on web application to HR Works with a mobile platform. HR Works Plus as an ESS (Employee Self Service) and MSS (Manager Self Service), is a combination of technology and system process that enables users to interact directly with their human resource data to inquire, review and carry out HR related transactions in the system. It allows users to carry out plethora of activities involved in Employee Self Service & Manager Self Service. Distinct features of this module include Proxy Transactions, Role Delegations, Alerts & To Do List and Bulk Approvals.


  • General Expense Claim
  • Benefit Claim
  • Leave Application
  • Leave Return
  • Business Travel Claim
  • Loan Application
  • Employee Profile & Payslip
  • Clearance form
  • Exit Interview
  • Letter & Certificates
  • Feedback Management
  • Edit Info
  • Role Delegation
  • Proxy Management
  • News Letter
  • Miscellaneous Application

Recruitment Management

Prestige Saudi Co. Ltd Recruitment Management System is a packaged web application module that serves to automate the recruitment process in an organization. It simplifies the process of shortlisting top-tier candidates and converting them into employees. Whether you’ve been struggling to spot the best talent in the country or track applicants, we can help you facilitate each process and welcome motivated employees

without jumping through numerous hurdles along the way. The user-friendly software features job portal integration and a wide range of essential recruitment tools so you’re fully equipped with all the help you need to get started. It also facilitates seamless collaboration between hiring managers to ensure each recruitment decision is adequately deliberated and yields the best outcome. Maintain a database of the top applicants and shortlist it accordingly by navigating on-screen criteria. Designed with performance in mind, our whip-smart Recruitment Management System operates seamlessly with simple, clean navigation. Ultimately, it helps hiring managers analyze a big pool of candidates and make informed decisions that pay off in the long run.


  • Reduced time and costs
  • Increased recruitment efficiency
  • Improved communication
  • Seamless categorization of comprehensive data collected from candidates
  • Opportunity to find better candidates
  • Opportunity to find more candidates
  • 24/7 access
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Fully customizable
  • Enhanced security and protection of sensitive data
  • Increased flexibility
  • Easy to implement

Performance Management

A comprehensive web application add-on to HR Works which serves to automate the process of employee performance evaluation in an organization where the assessor and assessee can participate in the appraisal process. Our advanced Performance Appraisal System assists the Line Manager in assessing and recording the performance aspect of their subordinates. In addition to the Annual Appraisal Cycle,

the system is capable of multiple open Appraisal Cycles for an employee to evaluate their sales output, project implementation progress, etc. with a separate set of objectives and competencies. The Interim Review feature makes it easier to record comments on employee performance and achievements during the Appraisal Period, thereby achieving a complete insight into employee performance throughout the year. This arrangement empowers management to review the performance of each employee and ensure long-term company growth.
Our Performance Management Software accounts for both qualitative and quantitative performance to ensure holistic assessment. Managers can also set performance expectations and create personalized metrics for enhanced evaluation. In addition, the software allows you to set guidelines for feedback and work towards achieving the goals of the organization. Give us a call for more information and we’ll walk you through the process of setting up and using our Performance Appraisal System in the Middle East.


Learning & Development

A user-friendly and interactive packaged web application built for handling employees’ training-related needs. Training requests can be placed online either through the manager or by the employees themselves. Planning and scheduling can be done to manage the training schedule.

At Prestige Saudi Co. Ltd, we’re committed to revolutionizing the world of enterprise solutions. Our Training Management Software creates a centralized knowledge base so you don’t have to scramble for solutions; they’re already there. The safe, secure, and reliable system facilitates massive information storage and offers quick access on the go. Instead of shelling out an exorbitant amount of money in individual training management processes, you can acquire an all-in-one solution that helps you automate a wide range of tasks without worrying about compartmentalization. Each task is seamlessly categorized and displayed in a user-friendly manner so you can stay on top of things without losing track of multiple ongoing processes.
Track each employee’s skills, abilities, and overall growth to maintain a highly qualified workforce and ensure long-term growth. With timely, accurate, and comprehensive reporting, our Training Management Software keeps you in the loop no matter where you are. Resolve complex issues, interpret data, and make timely decisions.


Camp/Accommodation Management

Our cutting-edge Accommodation Management System (AMS) is an integrated packaged solution that combines the power of assigning an employee to an accommodation and tracking the inventories consumed. You can use AMS to manage accommodation facilities

of any size, location, or complexity. With specialized functions, the system allows you to meet complex requirements without the hassle. From managing FIFO rosters to handling group bookings, you can perform a wide range of tasks and simplify workflows.
The system can be integrated with third-party platforms and operates seamlessly across all devices. Access multiple, fully customizable dashboards and make changes as you deem fit to meet the needs of users and managers. Instead of waiting for bookings at the front desk, you can manage accommodations anywhere you want. Track check-ins and check-outsand view allocation details, and manage multiple properties at once. Over time, these simplifications will help you cut down on time, money, energy, and resources. The outcome? A much-needed boost in efficiency, productivity, and revenue.
Customer satisfaction is at the heart of all businesses. With a high return on investment, the software helps you boost performance and see the incredible results for yourself!