What is NewGen ?
Newgen Software Technologies Ltd provides a variety of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.


What is OmniScan ?

  • Designed to capture and digitize paper-based documents and convert them into digital formats, making them easier to manage, store, and retrieve.
  • Supporting features such as auto-cropping, autorotation, and auto-color detection to ensure the quality and accuracy of the scanned images.

What is OmniDocs ?

Designed to streamline document-intensive processes across an organization, providing a centralized repository for storing, managing, and sharing digital content.

Supporting features such as version control, access control, search and retrieval, annotations, and audit trails to ensure the integrity, security, and traceability of the content.

Designed to automate and optimize end-to-end business processes.

Supporting features such as process modeling, workflow automation, task management, and
reporting to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes.

Advanced features such as rule-based routing, decision-making, and exception handling, to enable complex and dynamic processes. OmniFlow can be integrated with OmniDocs and
OmniScan to allow end-to-end automation of document-intensive processes.