Canteen Management

This tried-and-tested, comprehensive solution by Prestige Saudi Co. Ltd is poised to meet every requirement of organizations with canteen facilities. It expertly monitors, controls, and manages meal passes, providing fast and efficient service. The canteen management system helps to cut down on labor and food wastage, and greatly increases customer satisfaction. The automated system is designed to maintain a comprehensive account of food consumption, preventing wastage. It ensures seamless food planning and provides accurate reports to help managers improve overall performance.
With the system, you can receive real-time user details and alerts to streamline the canteen management process in a busy working environment. This helps to plan in advance, save time, and reduce administrative tasks to increase profits.
In our revolutionary Staff Meal Management System, consumption data is recorded and displayed in real-time to ensure seamless tracking. All entries can be updated to account for minor adjustments. With this system, you can maintain a detailed log of key processes and run a seamless feedback system.



  •  Automated Canteen Management Process
  •  Elimination of Human Errors in Accounting
  •  Fast and Secure Process through Cashless Transactions
  •  Increased Efficiency by Reducing Time and Cost of Ordering
  •  Detailed Reports of Food Consumption for Quick Analysis
  •  Integrated with Payroll to Reduce Monetary Transaction

Key Features

  • Contactless Credentials
  • Cashless Transactions
  • Biometric Prepaid Solution
  • Customize Menu & Items
  • Menu Schedule
  • Item Tracking to Prevent Wastage
  • Auto Recharge/Payment
  • Prepaid and Postpaid Options
  • Reports

Major Clients: Al Safie DANONE, Dyrup, Four Seasons, Tabuk Cement Co, Juffali industrial Product Company etc.