Entrance & Traffic Control Solution

With the advent of a new age of work culture, shifts are much more flexible, and employees are walking in and out of buildings at all hours. Reception areas are getting larger and more open, to impress visitors and make employees feel welcome. Owners want to incorporate the latest interior design trends and complement modern architecture while keeping perceived barriers to a minimum.

Security turnstiles may need to be connected remotely, so security can be maintained even if no guard staff are physically present to supervise the entrance. Our speed gates rise to and meet these challenges head-on, offering a perfect combination of speed, security and modern design.
Effective entrance security for offices is much more complicated than it sounds. Office blocks must manage entry for employees so that they can seamlessly move into and out of the building, but prevent access to unauthorized individuals. Security managers need to consider the level of security required and balance this against expected flow rates. There is also the aesthetic aspect to consider. Entrance gates should add to the overall look and feel of a reception area, not detract from it. So, both architects and security specialists have to think carefully about how to effectively manage entrance control for commercial buildings.