Skill Lake

Skill Lake – An LMS Platform Built for the Learner.

Skill Lake is a modern LMS platform focusing on people development through accessible, future-ready, and people-centric learning techniques.

 Skill Lake goes beyond a traditional LMS, redefining organizational learning and development through the seamless management of learning initiatives and by delivering an interactive experience.

This lightweight yet powerful platform comes with advanced features and tools to support the ever-evolving learning needs and promotes continuous learning and upskilling in organizations.

Standout Features of Skill Lake

Course Management

 Skill Lake simplifies learning, automates and streamlines processes like scheduling courses, allocating mentors, tracking, and payments.

Competency Mapping

Measure competence levels and set performance objectives to create a detailed learning plan for each learner.

Content Authoring

Create mashups, assessments, tests, and more with a handful of lightweight, distraction-free content authoring tools.

Multiple Learning Modes

Offers synchronous (instructor-led), asynchronous (self-paced), microlearning, and a blended approach based on the nature of courses and the availability of trainers.

SCORM Compliant

Easily host, manage and deliver SCORM courses.

The platform supports courses compliant with the widely accepted SCORM standards—SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.


Virtual rewards, badges, and points turn the learners’ interaction into a rewarding experience motivating them to complete courses faster.

Intuitive Mobile Apps

Learning is enabled anywhere, anytime through intuitive, secure mobile apps available on Android and iPhone.

Course Library

Organize and standardize all learning content in one searchable course library.

Tracking & Reporting

Reports provide real-time insights on every aspect of the course programs like course attendance, progress, completion, and more.

Multiple Cloud Hosting

Host Skill Lake on the cloud of your choice – your private server, public cloud, or on InfinCE, the enterprise cloud platform.