Time & Attendance System

DLIT TAS is a comprehensive Time Attendance module which is being implemented over 600 Plus corporate clients in the Kingdom including Al Marai, SASCO, Al Safie DANONE etc. Time & Attendance system is critical if labour cost accountability is required. These Time & Attendance terminals are designed to be located at strategic points and can be used to collect the In/Out times for all employees. Since most of them have a keypad, they can also be used to collect production work order or billing related data. Any combination of proximity reader, fingerprint reader or code access are available on these terminals (Other special combination are also possible. A large display presents the correct time along with instructions for the user.

Main Features

  • Multi-Company – Multi User System
  • Comprehensive user and program level security
  • Employee details, including photograph, department, designation, cost center, project
  • Comprehensive definitions of Shifts with early and late tolerances, OT applicability
  • Up to six open shift timings can be defined for a single shift
  • Up to four break timings can be defined per shift
  • Supports flexible break timings for a shift with a maximum ceiling
  • Employees can opt to report on different shift timings on different days with same working hours
  • Automatic handling of shifts spanning across 2 consecutive working days
  • Automatic handling of break timings spanning across 2 consecutive working days
  • Supports paid and unpaid breaks
  • Automatic handling of shift timings during the holy month of Ramadan
  • Supports grouping of employees into unlimited number of pay groups
  • Employee roster setting with effective dates
  • Daily roster setting
  • Supports different weekly holidays for different employees
  • Three Over time (OT) Rates can be defined
  • Multiple Leave Types
  • Handing of Sick leaves
  • Holiday Master Setup by Date Range
  • Employee Leave Detail Maintenance
  • Time card, Absentee and Non-Absentee report
  • Attendance Reports with Regular worked hours and overtime
  • Attendance Reports with or without break details
  • Late coming and early departure reports
  • Facility to correct erroneous attendance entries
  • Excel-like data entry screens for faster data entry
  • On-line real time interface with NITGEN Terminals

Video Presentations

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