Speed Gate S07R


Speed gates are designed with a stainless-steel housing and transparent glass ( or acrylic panel ) slide walls that create an aesthetically pleasing access experience. Speed Gates provide convenient, fast and secure access. The doors close again immediately once the person has passed through, preventing unautorized passage or tailgating.

Our SecuGo pedestrian speed gate is rapidly becoming the first choice for architects and building owners where sophisticated design is as important as securing the location. Whether it’s an office, cultural venue or public building, the chic design, the warm comfortable material, and intutive operation transforms the building’s access control process into a pleasing , no-hassle activity for patrons.

Key Features

  • Elegance housing design
  • Fast and quiet operation
  • Support non-contact pass through
  • Flexible with different widht passage
  • Outdoor installation

Technical Data

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