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Payroll Management System

DLI PMS is a functionally rich, customisable, simple and easy to use Payroll System complying the GCC Labor laws. The module is bilingual, multi-currency, multi- Company and multi user system which can be integrated with the ERP System. It also meets other requirements like the follows,

  • Salary can be defined in different currencies and paid in different currencies
  • Different employees can have different frequencies of pay, e.g. Monthly, Weekly but processing can be done in a single run
  • Employee Salary can be based on Monthly wages, daily wages or hourly rates
  • Multiple Over time (OT) Rates
  • Optional ’30 Day / Month’ Pay Calculation (360-day based calendar)
  • Pay Disbursal Tracking for confirmation of receipt of the salary by the employee
  • Basic Salary and Pay components are setup with effective dates
  • Facility to define unlimited number of pay components like House rent or transportation allowances.
  • Setting up of Pay Components as Monthly Amount, Daily Rate, Hourly Pay and Percent of Basic Pay
  • User definable accrual codes for Indemnity, Vacation, GOSI and Air Ticket.
  • Indemnity Slab set-up as per the Saudi labour policy.
  • Setting up vacation accrual data by Working Days / Calendar Days
  • Optional vacation accrual during employee’s vacation days
  • Facility to calculate prior accruals, in case of Salary change.
  • Fare slab percent set-up for air ticket based on Age. 4 Fare Slabs supported. Migration from lower slab to higher slab is automatic with necessary accrual adjustments
  • Facility to include / exclude various earnings from Indemnity / Vacation / GOSI accruals
  • Allowances can be set up as Payable / Non Payable Allowances
  • Position (Department / Designation / Location / Project) History
  • Skill Set and Qualification data
  • Unlimited number of Employee Documents (Labor ID, Passport, Driving license etc.) data with expiry date tracking in Hijri or Gregorian calendars
  • Multiple Leave Types – User definable Pay Percent by leave type
  • Handing of Sick leaves
  • Facility to exclude certain leave types from Indemnity / Vacation Pay Calculation.
  • Detailed Bank Master setup including company’s bank details for generating electronic transfer
  • Holiday Master Setup by Date Range
  • Loans and Advances module
  • Loan Disbursement and Repayment through Payroll
  • Set-up of installment schedule
  • Facility to alter installments, including repayments made outside Payroll
  • Employee Leave Detail Maintenance
  • Employee Vacation Plan entry & Vacation return date entry
  • Automatic time transaction generation based on leave data, vacation plan, holidays, weekly off, etc.
  • Facility to edit time transaction for adjustments and corrections
  • Temporary Earning / Deductions for ad-hoc payments and deductions for the month
  • Processing employee vacation with vacation pay disbursal
  • Payroll Calculation
  • Back dated Pay Calculation. Makes adjustments to prior period payments, if there is a back dated pay component change.
  • Comprehensive and detailed Pay Register
  • Pay Slip printing
  • Accrual Tracking, for accruals, availments and adjustments
  • Various MIS and History Reporting with Graphical representation of Data as Histograms and Pie-Charts
  • WPS (Wages Protection System). Will automatically generate .SIF file as per MOL format

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