Flap Barrier F05


Flap barrier have two flaps on either side that serve as physical barriers, limiting pedestrians access into a venue. The housing material and lightweight cabinate shape makes SecuGo flap barriers security turnstiles suitable for a large variety of facilities.

With photoelectric sensors in the passageway, SecuGo flap barriers reliably detect persons and objects. They enable non-contact passage and raise the alarm on unauthorized use of the gate. The barrier turn green when the lane is ready for use and red when the barriers are closing or an alarm has been triggered. The visitor immediately recognizes whether to enter the lane or wait for assistance.

Key Features

  • Premium materials (SUS304, 1.5mm thickness)
  • Support 100% duty cycle
  • Support non-contact pass through
  • Flexible to mount different readers
  • Easy Installation

Technical Data

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