Digital Signature

As the world goes Digital, security is ever more crucial to protect identities, data, and enable trust in a digital society. eMudhra focuses on SECURE Digital Transformation to enable organizations to progress and evolve without sacrificing “Trust,” which matters most in our society. With an end-to-end stack around trust services, PKI, Paperless transformation, and Digital Authentication, eMudhra is optimally placed to aid digital journeys where identity assertion is critical.

eMudhra chairs the Asia PKI Consortium, is a board member of the Cloud Signature Consortium and a member of the CA Browser Forum. Having been in business for over 12 years and built a reach that spans more than 50 countries, eMudhra is deeply committed to bringing change and helping societies across not just go digital but go digital in a secure way.

Our enterprise solutions are helping over 600+ large organizations (Fortune 100 companies to Fortune 500 companies) and 2500+ Small and Large Enterprises across the globe including national defense organizations, government regulators, large banks, global ecommerce players, and more.

Key highlights about eMudhra:

  • Global CA having issued more than 45millon digital certificates
  • Supporting 600+ enterprise customers and 40+ banks across the globe
  • Customers such as FAB, Dubai Air Navigation Services,  Dar-Al-Akran, Mashreq Bank, Yesser, Taqeem and more trust us
  • TRA Licensed CA in UAE
  • Partnered with local CA in Saudi to issue or support Digital Signature based signing
  • An Adobe Trusted member; all signatures in the document are validated by Adobe


emSigner: The End-to-end Paperless Office Suite


Eliminating the Last Mile Hurdle of Going Paperless & Building Efficiency

  • Powering paperless transformation for 600+ large organization (Fortune 100 companies to Fortune 500 companies)
  • Trusted by over 2500 Small and Large Enterprises to eliminate paper and go digital
  • Up to 80% savings on operating cost

What is emSigner?

emSigner is an eSignature and paperless office solution that simplifies signature management on documents using globally accepted legally valid electronic or digital signatures. In the process, it completely eliminates the need to print, manually sign, and scan documents.

With its intuitive interface, organizations of any type and size can quickly sign up and start eliminating paper.

Why emSigner?

Powerful Features

First PKI powered signature management solution to introduce a workflow based approach for signing, allowing enterprises to configure preset workflows and signatories

Signer Gateway

Supports easy signing integration with third party apps using signer gateway

Flexible Deployment

Cloud as well as on-premise deployment options available for more complex integrations

Mobile Enabled

Use emSigner App to sign anywhere, anytime.

Third Party Integrations

The predefined integrations with SAP, Sage, Salesforce and Microsoft allows users of these major ERP and CRM platforms to quickly sign, transfer and check the authenticity as well as integrity of documents generated using these platform on the go.



emCA: An End-to-end PKI Solution

Comprehensive Certificate Management suite used in government and private trust service provider deployments

emCA is an end-to-end digital certificate issuance and management platform that can help any enterprise or government setup Trust Services or Certificate Authority rapidly.

Built exclusively to provide trust and control, emCA is a robust, standards compliant, fully scalable, policy driven PKI solution designed to provide unparalleled security services, which include authentication of user and device, data security, integrity and verification.

Key Features

Rapid Deployment

A plug and play solution that can be deployed rapidly for cloud/mobile applications

Built on Open Standards

Supports all open communication protocols for authentication of people, devices and things

Standards Compliant

emCA is EAL 4+ CC PP 1.5 compliant and is used in organizations that are Webtrust accredited

Support for ECC

Digital signatures issued have support for multiple cryptographic algorithms including elliptic curve cryptography

Highly scalable

Highly scalable for IoT scenarios having issued over 200 certificates per second

Comprehensive CA offering

Inbuilt modules for certificate issuance, revocation, OCSP, Timestamping and business operations (RA)

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