NITGEN Saudi Arabia
Through relentless efforts in R&D, and responding dynamically to demands from the biometric security market, NITGEN is rapidly becoming the leader in biometric application/technology markets. The company offers advanced biometric authentication solutions and core technologies for fingerprint recognition solutions.
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Pyrescom SA, France
Ever since its inception back in 1984, it has striven to make data acquisition/release easier. The company’s mission is to enable management software or specific hardware to use immediate data. IT and electronics keep on changing, but fundamentals remain strong, thanks to new technologies.
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HID Global
HID Global is a trusted leader in solutions for the delivery of secure identity solutions formillions of customers around the world and enhancing customer value by delivering the most trusted, advanced and dependable secure identity solutions in the market. Recognized for robust quality, innovative designs and industry leadership, HID Global is the supplier of choice for a variety of markets that include physical access control, logical access control including strong authentication and credential management, card printing and personalization, highly secure government ID and identification technologies used in animal ID, industry and logistics applications.
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Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd
Core Recognition technology provider of Microsoft/Nokia/Samsung .Founded in 1998, is a leading electronics company in China in the fields of research, development of diverse intelligent pattern recognition technologies and products.
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