Biometric Verification project For Zain Saudi Arabia

DLI Saudi signs with Zain Telecom for implementing their Biometric Verification project for Zain Saudi Arabia.

In line with new regulations from the Communications and Information Technology Commission to enforce the new regulation requiring all telecommunication subscribers to register their fingerprints, mobile telecommunication services provider Zain Saudi Arabia (Zain KSA) initiated a project to restructure the retail infrastructure around biometric fingerprint verification and identification.

Zain KSA reached out to Prestige Innovation Systems a group company of DLI-IT Group and sole distributor for Nitgen devices in KSA, UAE, Oman and Qatar. Nitgen is a manufacture of leading fingerprint recognition solutions with products in the FBI — Certified Products Listing.

Nitgens Fingkey hamster 3 device was chosen for the endpoint fingerprint recognition. Zain has acquired 6720 devices for the project and PIS has delivered them all on a timely manner.


DLI-IT Group with offices in Dubai, Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, and Doha in Qatar offers customized yet comprehensive and flexible solutions to SME as well as Fortune 500 Companies in the MENA Region with HR Works Application Software and RFID/Biometric Terminals.

Established in 1996, DLI have specialized in Employee Time Attendance, Payroll/HR, Job Management and Canteen Management Software Systems with RFID and Biometric based On-line Terminals for Employee Access Control, Time Attendance and Job Registration.

The Application Software, designed and developed for the MENA Region, meets with the Labor, Taxation and Business requirement of the region in general and GCC Countries in particular.

Document the features of the Fingkey Hamster III device and usage with regard to the requested requirement, and then the role it fulfills as an endpoint biometric finger print reader for Zain KSA’s requirement.

The following major points will be expanded on,

A.    Features of Fingkey Hamster III and its SDK.
B.    Overview of workflow from finger print device to verification.

Procedures and Scope of Work

a.    Fingkey Hamster III

fingkeymasterFINGKEY Hamster provides a live fingerprint sensing function with its cutting-edge fingerprint sensor that prevents the use of fake fingerprints. It can be connected to PC via USB port.

Along with the device driver disk comes a Devise Diagnostic Utility demonstrating many basic features and configurations for the device. More advanced features can be accessed via the comprehensive SDK via API accessibility for technologies such as .NET, ASP, C#, VB, C, Delphi, Java, JavaScript and Android on MS windows, Linux and Android Operating Systems.

 International Standard Image Format and Interfaces
– WSQ compression
– ISO 19794-2/4, ANSI 378, NFIQ


 Unmatched Performance for Wet / Dry Finger


 Ergonomic Design
– Can be changed to two type model

USB Connection
– USB 2.0 compatible interface as plug and play device
– Supports multiple devices handling (Tested up to 15)

Superior Matching Engine
– 1st in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition)
– Auto-on™ Function 

Advanced Optical Technology
– Sensor resistant to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock


 High Quality Image Capturing




Optical Sensor   OPP06
Size (mm)   68 x 68 x 81 (With Stand),  30 x 48.5 x 70 (Without Stand)
Image Size   248 x 292 pixels
Resolution   500 DPI
Interface   USB 2.0 High/Full Speed
Image acquisition time   Full Speed : Avg. 500 msec.,  High Speed : Avg. 300 msec.
Operating Temperature   -20~60
Operating Humidity   < RH 90%
Power Source   USB BUS Power
OS   Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 and higher, Linux Kernel 2.6.x
Certificated   KC, UL, CE, FCC

b. Overview of workflow from finger print device to verification

Retail Store

Fingerprint readers are connected to Tablet PCs and Desktop PCs via UBS port and retail users are given access to Zain hosted applications to access user information.


Zain Servers

Zain uses application servers to host desktop applications and web servers to host java applets that reads the fingerprint template and passes it to the MOI interface to retrieve user information.


MOI Interface

MOI hosts an interface that provides registered user information as per the fingerprint template for authorized users.

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